Rachel Rushworth-Hollander '08

Class of 2024

My name is Rachel Rushworth-Hollander, and I am a proud 2008 graduate from the wonderful Maryville College. I was born and raised in Chattanooga, TN just a few hours down the road. My older sister left for Maryville College in the fall of 2001, and despite years trying to convince myself that I surely wouldn't choose the same college as my sister, I finally realized and embraced that MC was the absolute perfect fit for me. I stepped onto campus in the fall of 2004, and the next four years wove me into the person I am today. I played on the Women's Soccer team, was the Student Government President, served as an RA, and participated a large handful of other activities and services on campus. After taking advantage of the liberal arts education and asking what I really wanted my vocation to be, I decided to major in English with Teacher Licensure. Professors like Dr. Terry Simpson, Dr. Will Phillips, Dr. Sam Overstreet, Dr. Jason Troyer, Mrs. Scott Steele, along with my soccer coaches Pepe Fernandez, Jon Baker, and John Lacava, quite literally changed my life and helped me become the best version of myself. I learned leadership and oodles of life advice from Andy Lewter and Vandy Kemp, and I made lifelong friends through teammates and other areas that have bonded us through weddings, births, funerals, and myriads more.

I tearfully and gratefully graduated in 2008 - the best class to waltz out of the school- and was hired to teach English at Maryville High School where I am in my 14th year teaching today. Each day, I see Maryville College working in my life. Sometimes it's a student that is applying to go there next year, sometimes it's a random interaction with a fellow alum, and sometimes it's me attending some event on campus to simply get my Scot fix for the day. Regardless of form, every time I get to take part in an activity, serve the college, or simply encourage a future graduate, I am motivated by and thankful for the work of the college.

I married a 2009 graduate and baseball player, Chris Hollander, and together we have two children - Rowling Marie and Granger Michael. Both dutifully yell "Go Scots" as we drive by the main entrance on our way home each day, and we take advantage of the community atmosphere that the college offers with the campus woods, performances, etc.

I serve as an alumnus because I honestly can't understand why someone would not. I believe in what MC is, does, and will grow to be. Go Scots!