The Blount County Alumni Association is proud to recognize the outstanding contributions of Maryville College alumni and current students.  Explore below to see some of their accomplishments!




2006 – 2010


Michael fondly remembers being a part of Maryville College’s football program and the opportunities it gave him to travel and build friendships that have impacted his life.  He loved the small community and how close people were.  Michael states that Dr. Simpson impacted him the most:  “He was remarkable in how he brought love and care into his classrooms every day and made you want to be a better person for the people you get to impact on a daily basis. He was not afraid to be vulnerable and opened your eyes to how much students need role models and quality individuals to look up to in education”.  The experience through the student teacher program impacted Michael’s next steps by helping him build the focus on where he wanted to make an impact going forward. Michael describes the program as preparing him “for all I need to build a career in education and it was the best experience learning from great individuals and teachers from the community”.


As an alumni, Michael is most proud of getting to live in the community that helped shape him during his years at MC.  He met his wife in that community and has built an amazing life with her in Maryville.  Michael has been impressed on how much change has happened to the school in the past few years.  He points out that events, especially at Homecoming, have been much more family-driven which he has enjoyed.


Michael and his wife Kristin, who is also a graduate of MC, currently live in Maryville. They have four children and are both educators.  Michael teaches at Maryville High School and Kristin is the Assistant Principal at John Sevier Elementary.